The Creature

a film by Dario Germani

Moved by the emergency of climate changes and the damage done by multinationals in the Third World, some ecological activists go to an island in Southeast Asia for a blitz in a holding, guilty of toxic pollution and alteration of local flora and fauna .

Guided by a native man with a motor boat, the ecologists go to the remote and wild island, cloaked in the superstitious legend that the natives call "El Devorador de los Hombres": the man-eater. Some dramatic circumstances push them to the pharmaceutical plant, which turns out not only to be abandoned, but also dangerous, since El Devorador de los Hombres is more than a legend.

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Devil's Island

a film by Dario Germani

The darkness of a Caribbean island is illuminated by some torches of a procession of canoes. The natives, led by two shamans, carry a living dead that is buried and sealed through a voodoo rite in the old cemetery.

At the same time, a tourist boat approaches the island. A group of models must pose in the pristine scenery of that mysterious place. The shooting is in progress and seems to give the desired results, until a tremendous hurricane upsets the serenity of the whole crew.

In the old cemetery, the violence of the storm ripped the seals that held the living dead in the afterlife. A desperate race for survival begins for everyone. 

Golden Eagle

pre production

 "Golden Eagle": What history does not reveal.

It will be distributed by Variety Distribution.

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Shocker Island at Mipcom - Cannes 2017

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We are delighted to announce that our latest movie, Shocker Island, has attracted unexpected gender interest and a great economic results at the Mipcom 2017 in Cannes. Thanks to the excellent work done by our international distributor Variety Communications

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