The Great Anger

a film by Claudio Fragasso 

Benny has black skin. He is an orphan and he was adopted when he was a little child. Now he has became a champion of clandestine fighting.

Matteo is white, Roman. He works in a pub and he lives with his brother, a cop, and his father, a retired dustman who has made of garbage his life's philosophy.

Two free spirits who believe in a better future and in the possibilities of a lying and degraded Roma where the great anger of people is exploding.

A movie seen in Italian cinemas and SKY networks.

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Shocker Island

a movie by Jhonny P. Garrison

After a mysterious shipwreck, a group of underwater treasures hunters, lands on an island never identified on any map.

They immediately realize that the island hides moral gangers, and some monsters threaten their lives.

An unbelievable final upsets the conscience of the few survivors.

A movie for international market.

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